Hedgehog not eating - featured image

Why Is My Hedgehog Not Eating?

You brought your new pet home and the hedgehog is not eating? Or your beloved pet suddenly stopped eating? In this article, I’m going to tell you why that might be. But notice I’M NOT A VETERINARIAN if you have any concerns about the health of your little hedgie you should go on a trip …

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Where to buy a hedgehog - featured image

Where To Buy A Hedgehog

If you have decided to become a hedgehog owner, you might be wondering where to buy a hedgehog. In this article I’m going through the options and giving you a list of reputable breeders. I’m also covering what you should look for before you take your new pet home. The typical places where you can …

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Do Hedgehogs Smell Bad?

Do you think about getting a hedgehog and want to make sure that it doesn’t turn your home into a stinky hole? Or do you have a hedgehog that smells and want to change this situation? Healthy hedgehogs are pretty odorless so I gathered some things you can do about it. Unlike many other exotic …

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African pygmy hedgehog in hands of a woman

Is a hedgehog a good pet?

Hedgehogs become increasingly popular. They are cute, exotic and very individual. By all these characteristics, many people forget that these pets have high demands and special needs that must be met. The organization PETA is even recommending, that no one should buy a hedgehog. We are not that strict, but of course, hedgehogs are not …

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