8 Best Rabbit Harnesses that are Safe & Comfy (review & Guide)

For those of you, who are in a hurry: Here is my top pick, the Living World Harness/Lead Set.

Rabbits are great pets that are known for their friendly and curious personality. They also need plenty of exercise. Rabbits are meant to run fast and they need to exert their energy to stay healthy and happy. While you can let them hop around on their own, your pet could become distracted with something causing you to lose track of them. 

One way to help them safely move is with a bunny harness. The article will explore more about finding the best product for your pet and list the eight best rabbit harnesses on the market.

In this article I am going to review the following 8 harnesses:

Top 8 Rabbit Harnesses For Your Pet

Finding the right rabbit harness can be tough, but we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the eight best options for your furry friend. 

Living World Harness/Lead Set

The Living World Harness/Lead Set is an adjustable suit that you can secure around your rabbit. This option’s material is from a breathable mesh that will keep your pet cool as they hop around. 

Thanks to its unique design, it’s comfortable to put on your rabbit. To ensure it stays on your pet, there are Velcro straps and a buckle sewn in. You can adjust these as necessary depending on your rabbit’s size. On the back of the harness is a small clip you can attach its stretch leash to. 


  • It has a finder bell on the top. 
  • The Velcro and buckle are extremely strong. 
  • It comes in a stylish purple design. 
  • It’s versatile. 


  • It might be a bit large for some rabbits. 
  • The leash isn’t the most durable. 
  • The mesh material will fuzz over time. 

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Niteangel Soft Harness with Elastic Leash

The Niteangel harness and leash is ideal for adult rabbits between three to six pounds. It ranges from small to extra large and comes in multiple colors such as blue, orange, pink, and purple. It’s created with soft mesh that won’t irritate your pet’s skin. It also utilizes Velcro straps to achieve a snug and safe fit. 

This product has an adjustable setting around the chest and stomach. This way, you can ensure your rabbit is comfortable. At the back of the harness is a small clip that you can attach the elastic leash to. 


  • Plenty of sizes and styles. 
  • It’s adjustable. 
  • It’s durable.
  • The leash stretches to prevent tugging. 


  • It could be difficult to leash train with. 
  • The leash might stick to the Velcro straps.

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PERSUPER Pet Rabbit Harness 

They feature vibrant pink and blue colors and are created out of nylon. The nylon is breathable and soft, so it will be comfortable for your pet to wear. 

The product wraps around your rabbit’s stomach and upper chest. This design helps you have better control over where they move without accidentally hurting them. To keep the harness secure, it has buckles and a few adjustable straps. These straps give you the option of altering the neck girth anywhere from 7-10 inches and the chest girth from 7-11 inches. 

The PERSUPER Pet Rabbit Harness comes with a leash that extends up to 36 inches. It also has a swivel snap, so it doesn’t tug on your bun as they walk. 


  • Affordable.
  • There’s a small locator bell on the back.
  • This option will help teach your pet to not tug. 


  • It’s best to use only on larger rabbits. 
  • It might be a little difficult to put on. 
  • You need to make sure it’s adjusted correctly.

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Pettom Bunny Rabbit Harness with Leash

The Pettom Bunny Rabbit Harness with Leash is an excellent option for small to medium-sized rabbits that weigh between three to eight pounds. 

This product comes in two sizes. The small has a chest girth of 10.8-12.9 inches, while the large has a chest girth of 11-13.7 inches. 

It has air mesh padding around the edges. This breathable material will prevent the harness from rubbing against the skin. 

Attached on the back is a hook you can secure the leash to. It has a long Velcro strap that runs down the back you can press into place to provide extra security. 


  • It comes in multiple color options. 
  • You can use it on other small pets. 
  • It’s easy to put on. 


  • It’s not ideal for large rabbit breeds.
  • There is a clip under the stomach. 
  • The elastic leash isn’t the most durable. 

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Kaytee Comfort Harness and Leash

The Kaytee Comfort Harness and Leash are designed for large rabbits. The suit features adjustable clips so you can ensure this option is secure around their body. There are also a few Velcro straps and an e-z snap buckle situated around the edges. 

The product comes with a six-foot stroller. This will stretch but crinkle back together when your rabbit isn’t walking. Thanks to the design, it’s very compact and will be easy to store away. 


  • It comes in red, green, pink, and purple options.
  • It’s comfortable and lightweight. 
  • The leash is long. 


  • The material isn’t durable. 
  • The leash hook might not be very secure. 
  • It could be a bit small. 

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MEWTOGO Adjustable and Breathable Bunny Harness

This product will fit medium and large rabbits. The medium option has a neck circumference of 5-7 inches, while the large one has a neck circumference of 6-8 inches. 

The MEWTOGO Bunny Harness has a thick padded layer that wraps around the stomach and lower chest. To ensure it stays in place, there are Velcro straps and a small buckle you can snap in place. 

The mesh material is breathable, which will make it comfortable for even the fluffiest bun to wear. Its leash is elastic but covered in nylon, so it doesn’t rip. This way, your pet can easily roam around while you have a firm grip on them. 

You can attach the leash to the hook on the back of this item. This small hook is situated near the very back of the product, so it won’t accidentally wrap around your pet’s neck when they walk. 


  • The padding is shock-resistant. 
  • It’s easy to put on. 
  • The hook’s location encourages your pet to explore safely. 


  • It might be a little stiff. 
  • The design might make it hard to do leash training. 
  • The nylon isn’t long-lasting. 

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Sonicbee Multipurpose Harness with Leash

The Sonicbee Multipurpose Harness with Leash comes in a variety of sizes depending on your rabbit’s needs. The small option is best for breeds of less than three pounds, the medium is meant for bunnies three to six pounds, and the large size is suitable for rabbits six to nine pounds. 

Made out of a soft nylon, the product won’t irritate your pet’s skin. It also doesn’t require the harness to wrap around their neck, which will prevent injuries.

There’s a Velcro strap to keep the device secure around their body. You can stick it in place once you insert your rabbit into the product. While there’s only one, the strap is very durable and won’t rip apart unless you pull it. On the back of the harness is a large hook to attach the leash to. The leash measures four-feet long and is made out of thick nylon. 


  • You can use this on other small animals. 
  • It comes in blue, red, and black options. 
  • The nylon is comfortable.
  • It’s easy to put on. 


  • The leash isn’t flexible. 
  • The strap could be a little short. 
  • It might be a bit loose. 

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Vehomy Small Animal Harness 

This small animal harness by Vehomy is a fun costume for your rabbit. It features a Police K9 design, and the blue selection has adjustable buckles around the sides that you can modify to be five inches long to seven inches wide. 

The Vehomy Small Animal Harness’s buckle is situated beneath the stomach. To put it on, simply slide your rabbit’s head through the top loop and then fold the sides around their chest. You can then snap the buckle into place. 

In the middle of it is a loop that you can attach the leash to. This 52-inch strap features a small lever that you can open and close, so it fastens to the loop. 

This product has reflectors sewn into it that helps you watch your rabbit. This can be quite helpful if you need to take your bunny outside during the night or in poorly lit areas. 


  • It’s a fun option that’s comfy around your pet’s body. 
  • It’s adjustable. 
  • Budget-friendly.
  • There are safety reflectors. 


  • It might not fit smaller rabbits. 
  • The stomach strap might press against their chest. 
  • It’s not the most durable. 

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The Benefits of Rabbit Harnesses

Rabbit owners will be happy to learn that harnesses offer a variety of benefits. Below are just a handful of them. 

They Give Your Pet Freedom

One of the best benefits of this product is that it gives your pet the freedom to explore. 

It can be challenging to take your rabbit outdoors without a leash safely. You have to watch to make sure they don’t run off or that there aren’t other animals nearby. They allow your bunny to hop around and explore while staying safe. You’ll have complete control over where they move and how far they can go. 

You Can Find the Right Fit

You’ll discover that rabbit harnesses come in plenty of different styles and sizes. This way, you can pick something that will correctly fit your rabbit and that they may even enjoy wearing (or at least not protest against).

They’re Safer Than Collars

Unlike some pet holders, like collars, harnesses are very safe to use on your rabbit. They’re designed to secure around their bodies without pressing on their tender bits. Many also have pads around the edges that act like pillows. 

Types of Rabbit Harnesses

When you shop for these products, you’ll notice there are three main types. While they serve the same purpose, how they do so varies. 


One form of a rabbit harness is a vest. As its name suggests, it looks like a vest that wraps around your pet’s stomach and upper chest. Most vests are made out of padded nylon mesh that keeps your rabbit comfortable as they move in it. This style has buckles on the back to keep it secure on their body. 


The H-strap features thin straps that wrap around your bunny’s stomach and chest. On the sides of the main straps, there are thin ones. These are meant to provide extra security as your rabbit moves. There is usually a small hook on the back you can attach the leash to. 


A shoulder harness wraps around the rabbit’s shoulders. Like an H-strap, the shoulder style’s main strap is around the shoulders and upper chest. This will help you lead your pet by the shoulders rather than yanking on their stomach or neck. 

What to Look for in a Rabbit Harness

Before you invest in a rabbit harness, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. 


An important thing to consider is the size of the item. Anything too big or too small will be a hassle to use. For instance, if oversized, it could allow your bunny to slip out. On the other hand, if it’s tight around their body, it could make it hard for them to breathe and move. 

Adjustability can be a factor, too; bunnies grow fast. If you have a younger rabbit, you may need to buy harnesses in multiple sizes as your pet gets bigger. In some cases, simply tightening the straps isn’t enough to keep a wiggly pet safely connected to their leash; you need a perfectly-sized harness at each stage of growth.


Another aspect to look at is the harness’s durability. When you purchase it, you probably want your investment to last for many years. Because of this, it’s a good idea to look at the materials it’s made out of. 

A majority of products have nylon as their raw material. This fabric is excellent for heavy-duty activities and is very lightweight so that it won’t feel heavy on your rabbit.

However, some might also feature a mesh material. Mesh is great for breathability, but it can also show wear and tear sooner than other harness styles. Depending on your rabbit’s temperament, you might find they like to nibble on the mesh. A tougher fabric might be more suitable for aggressive chewers.


Comfort is vital with these products. While most come from soft fabric, some might rub against their body or have tight non-adjustable buckles that press against their skin. Most rabbit harnesses will utilize Velcro or adjustable buckles to secure it around their body. However, to stay safe, it’s best to double-check. 

Another thing to consider is where the straps are. While most will be around the upper chest and stomach, some might wrap around their neck. This position can be harrowing and make it hard for them to breathe. Due to this, it’s best to avoid models that have this design. 

Are Rabbit Harnesses Safe?

Rabbit harnesses are safe, but you need to put them on carefully. You should always make sure that the harness wraps around your pet’s body and is the right size so that it doesn’t hurt their delicate bone structure

In addition to this, avoid figure-eight harnesses. These wrap around your pet’s body in a figure-eight shape. While it might look like it provides extra security, it presses against their stomach and neck. This makes your pet more susceptible to injuries should they get wrapped around something or try to hop off. 


Rabbit harnesses are a useful way to give your pet freedom while keeping them safe. If you’re searching for one, consider the models above, especially the Living World Harness/Lead Set. The option isn’t only durable but comfortable for your rabbit to wear. It also comes with helpful components like a finder bell and adjustable straps. It also has safety features such as strong Velcro and buckles to keep your rabbit secure inside.

No matter which one you decide to invest in, you can be sure that it will keep your rabbit comfortable and safe when you walk them. 


Still have more questions about rabbit harnesses? Below are a few FAQs that might be of help. 

Will a Cat Harness Fit a Rabbit?

For most bunnies, a cat harness will not be secure around them, and they could escape. However, if you have a large breed, like a Giant Flemish, a cat harness could work. This is because they tend to be H-strap models that fasten around the animal’s neck and stomach. For a larger lagomorph, this can work out well!

Is it Okay to Put a Collar on a Bunny?

A bunny should never wear a collar for a few reasons. One is that it could choke your rabbit choke. If the collar is too tight or gets caught in something, it could make it hard for your pet to breathe or move. In addition to this, if your bunny tries to tear the collar off, they might get their mouth or paws caught in it. Due to these potential dangers, it’s best to stay away from collars.

How Do I Measure a Rabbit for a Harness?

To measure a rabbit for a harness, you’ll first want to grab a tape measure. Then, hold it at the base of their neck and measure half-way down their back. This will tell you their girth so you can purchase the correct size. Keep in mind that you’ll want a snug fit without constricting your bunny’s movement. Too loose, and they’ll slip right out of the harness.

How Do I Leash Train a Rabbit?

Leash training a rabbit is easier than it might sound. The first step is to find a product that correctly fits them. Once you do, let them sniff it, so they don’t become scared when you put it around their body. After a while, try to place the harness on them. Your rabbit might let it stay there or try to shake it off. As long as they don’t become frantic when you do, keep it on them. 

When your rabbit learns to trust the harness, secure it around their body. Let them get used to the sensation before you try to walk them. When you notice they’re calm and don’t mind the harness, carefully put the leash on. You can then encourage them to walk with you. Take it slow at first to acclimate your bunny to the new experience. Over time, you can take longer walks (or hops).

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