8 Best Hedgehog Carrier Bags that are Safe & Comfy (Review & Guide)

For those of you, who are in a hurry: Here are my top picks, the Hedgehog Carrier Bag By KAMEIOU for walks and the Small Animal Carrier by IRIS for long car drives.

I spent hours researching the best hedgehog carrier bags and it wasn’t as easy as you might think. There are literally hundreds of options and most are either insecure or of bad quality. To help you with your buying decision I wrote this article and wrapped the best products up.

Curios which hedgehog carrier bags I’ve picked? Here they are:

Best Hedgehog Carrier Bags

Unlike many other sites I’m going to list only carrier bags that are hedgehog approved. Below you find my list.

Hedgehog Carrier Bag by KAMEIOU

Size: 8″L x 8″W x 7″H

Weight: 0.5 pounds


  • Nice design
  • Detachable and adjustable strap
  • Waterproof with non-slip bottom
  • 30-Day-Guarantee


  • No changeable pads for a clean inside

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This hedgehog carrier by KAMEIOU is one of my favorite products. While reading through this review you will also notice that I like not only this individual item but the whole brand. I actually reviewed one more KAMEIOU product for the article.

Looking at the manufacturer the 30-day money back guarantee is outstanding. You can basically order the products and if you aren’t satisfied you just send it back. No further questions will be asked. So buying this product is absolutely risk-free for you.

But I want to tell you more about the pros and cons of the bag instead of writing more general stuff. First I have to say that I like the design. The bag is colorful without being tacky. I would define it as good-looking.

Of course, color and style aren’t everything there are much more important features a hedgehog carrier should have.

You can choose between a detachable strap that is adjustable in length or a hand carry belt. This makes even longer walks comfy for you and your pet.

The manufacturer uses different materials in the product. The outer side is made of waterproof oxford cloth, while the inner is super soft and plushy. Another important feature is the non-slip bottom. You don’t have to worry about slipping when you place the bag on a wall or something else.

The mesh at the front door makes sure that there is enough ventilation for your little hedgie in the bag. The opening on the other side makes it super easy to get access to the pet.

To get the carrier clean again you can simply wash it by hand and let it dry. The overall design is sturdy and well-made so you will use this product for a long time.

Small Animal Carrier by IRIS

Size: 15.55″L x 8.07″W x 10.04″H


  • Big enough to put accessories in it
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • More pricey than others
  • Not so comfortable for long walks

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This small animal carrier got my attention initially because of its size and sturdiness but I found out that it has way more features than I thought. It has a look like a picnic basket and is very cute on the second look.

The size was indeed the first feature that made me consider this one for my hedgehog carrier roundup review. Honestly, I couldn’t find a bag that is of good quality and any bigger. But as so often with the size are coming some pros and cons as well. 

Starting with the pros, you can put nearly every accessory into the carrier: food, toys and even a small flying saucer can fit into it. It doesn’t come with a water bottle but if you’re lucky you can attach the one from your cage (zip ties can do their work here if necessary). You see, this product might be a good fit for trips to the vet or long drives in your car.

Due to its big size and design, there are some cons too. Even if it comes with a shoulder strap it wouldn’t be comfortable to wear this on long walks. It’s just too big and inflexible.

With that many holes, ventilation will not be a problem in any circumstances, just make sure that it doesn’t get too cold for your hedgie during winter use.

There are two ways to get access to your hedgehog. One is through a small lid at the top. The other one is to remove the hinges to get your little hedgie in and out. The hinges also make cleaning very easy and plastic does the rest. Just wipe everything off and you’re done.

In a small storage compartment, you can store any additional things like treats, cleaning pads and everything else.

Hedgehog Carrier Box by KAMEIOU

Size: 8″L x 6″W x 6″H

Weight: 0.5 pounds


  • Bottom pads
  • Waterproof with non-slip bottom
  • 30-Day-Guarantee


  • Smaller than others

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This is the second product by KAMEIOU in my review. Even though, it’s from the same manufacturer, the design of this carrier box is quite different. For those of you who don’t like the color: it is also available in grey. 

The used materials are high quality and are in no way inferior. The outside is made of waterproof AVE and the bottom is non-slip. Zippers are high quality and sturdy. You’ll find them on top and bottom what makes taking out your hedgehog easy.

While this box offers good ventilation through all the breathing holes, you might think of colder days too. It is definitely not as warm and cozy as others and I wouldn’t recommend having your little hedgie outside for a long time with this one.

I really like the removable bottom pads for the inside. This feature is my favorite and it makes cleaning the carrier box even more comfortable.

Apart from all the pros and cons I mentioned before, the product is very sturdy and long-lasting. You won’t need to buy another one.

Hedgehog Carrier Bag by KINTOR

Size: 9.8″L x 7.9″W x 5.9″H

Weight: 0.68 pounds


  • Broad view in and outside the bag
  • Double sewing
  • Changeable pads for winter & summer


  • Less ventilation then other products
  • Zipper sometimes hard to move

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The design of this hedgehog carrier bag is outstanding. I’ve to admit that I like it so much that I’ve considered making it my top pick. However, the product is great, but there are some cons as well.

The most convincing feature is definitely the whole clear side. It allows not only your pet to view the surroundings but you can observe the well-being of your little hedgie all the time as well.

With the bag itself, there are coming two pads that soak up moisture and make cleaning easy. One is made of fleece and holds your pet warm and cozy during winter. The other one is made for hot summer months and ensures that your pet doesn’t suffer under the heat.

The zipper goes over both, sides and top. With this opening, you can get your pet in and out of the bag in a breeze. The only concern I’ve found is that sometimes the zipper is a bit hard to move up.

8 holes should ensure enough air to breathe. While this might be correct, I found that other bags have even better ventilation.

Overall the bag is sturdy and well made. The manufacturer states that the bag’s inner is with double sewing and safe canvas materials.

Hedgehog Carrier Bag by Asoract

Size: 7.08”L x 2.75”W x 8.66”H

Weight: 0.2 pounds


  • 2 compartments
  • Wider shoulder strap


  • Not that wide
  • Sponge middle layer not removable for washing

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The carrier bag by Asoract is another very good product that I like very much. Its features completely distinguish it from the bags in this article.

When you go on a trip with your hedgehog you often need to take some of his supplies with you. This is where this bag comes into action. It’s separated into two compartments that allow you to store food, water or warming pads in the cold winter months.

The upper compartment for your hedgie itself is designed cozy and secure with enough ventilation for fresh air to breathe. The velvet layer is soft and comfortable while the wire mesh allows fresh air and scents to float into the bag.

The shoulder strap is wider than normal which makes carrying more comfortable as it reduces the pressure on your body. Of course, you can adjust its length too. So this bag is excellent for longer walks.

One con might be that you can’t remove the sponge middle layer for easy cleaning. You have to either wash the whole bag or, as a quick fix, you can put your own pads onto the bottom of the upper compartment.

The quality of materials and sewing is very good.

Portable Small Animal Carrier by Petsfit

Size: 10.39” x 6.89” x 3.7”

Weight: 0.6 pounds


  • Sturdy
  • Roomy
  • Bottom tray


  • Cold in winter

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The design of this carrier is unique. Not because of its look but because it’s so practical and sturdy. A metal frame holds the shape and wire mesh on three sides ensures good ventilation and that your pet is always at view.

But the feature I like the most is that there’s a real bottom tray which makes cleaning so easy. In most cases, you can just wipe the moisture off and everything is ready for the next use.

Both a hand and shoulder strap are making the transport comfortable for you but be aware that your hedgie might get cold in it when you take him too long outside. On the site is a little pouch for food and treats.

The quality is very good as I already mentioned and even the zipper is running smoothly.

Bonding Pouch for Hedgehogs by Happy Gross

Size: 6”W x 8”H


  • Helps to strengthen the bond to your hedgie


  • Not waterproof

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This is more a bonding pouch than a carrier bag. I mean the quality isn’t bad and I actually like the bag. It’s made of breathable fleece, holds your pet warm and comfy. But I think also that there is not enough room for having the pet in there while you travel or do longer walks.

But if you want to strengthen the bond to your pet and carry it around while you’re at home or at the sofa, then this is what it’s made for.

The materials are of good quality and secure. You won’t find loose threads and stitches are tight so that your hedgie can’t get caught in anything. Through the mesh, there is enough ventilation at any time.

One con is that the fleece isn’t absorbent. So you’ll have to wash it regularly.

Pet Carrier Bag by Hypeety

Size: 10.6” x 8.65”

Weight: appr. 101g


  • Affordable


  • Cheaply made

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

On the first look, this hedgehog bag seems to have everything a good carrier needs. There is enough space inside and it seems well ventilated and comfy. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it comfortable for you to carry your hedgehog around.

On the second look, you’ll see that you get what you pay for. The product quality is not that good and it isn’t sturdy. Often there are problems with the zipper, it’s either hard to move or falls apart easily.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend getting this product.

Choosing the best hedgehog carrier bag

Which hedgehog bag is the best depends not only on product quality but also on your intent. Do you want to create a strong bond with your hedgehog? carry him with you when you go for a walk? Or do you need a carrier for long car drives and visits to the vet?

While one should be cozy for your hedgehog and comfortable for you to carry, the other should be roomy and with space for toys and food. But of course, there are many features that every bag should have.

Safe materials

Make sure all materials are safe. This is not only for potential fumes that can cause respiratory problems but also for seams that might be dangerous for your hedgies’ feet. 


This is especially for the cozy ones! While some bags look warm and plushy they might lack ventilation. Fresh air is very important for all small animals and you have to make sure that there is enough of it at any time.

On the other side, such bags with too much wire mesh are not suitable for long walks in the colder seasons. If you can’t find a carrier that perfectly fits your climate I recommend getting one for summer and one for winter.


Of course, your hedgehog needs enough space in its bag. Make sure that he isn’t squeezed and can make a few steps in it.


Many hedgehog carrier bags have pads that soak up moisture. These make cleaning much easier as you can often wash them separately. If this is not the case you’ll have to wash the whole bag. To spare the materials I recommend not doing it in a washing machine.

There are models that are completely made of plastic. Cleaning these ones is extremely easy as wiping them off with some vinegar is enough in most cases.


My favorite is the Hedgehog Carrier Bag by KAMEIOU. It’s well made and I think the price tag is very reasonable for a product of such quality. The waterproof outside and the cozy inside are making it nearly perfect for walks and other outdoor activities. Your hedgehog will always be in a safe place. The only negative point I could find on this product is that it has no pads that would soak up moisture, which probably means that you’ll have to clean it more often. But with the 30-day guarantee, you are always on the safe side.

If you need a carrier for long drives I would recommend the Small Animal Carrier by IRIS. It’s so roomy that you can put most of your hedgies accessories in it. So he will have his food, water, toys and even a flying saucer while you travel together.

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