8 best hedgehog cages that really suit (Review and Guide)

For those of you, who are in a hurry: Here’s our top pick, the Living World Deluxe Habitat.

This review is, of course, not the first buying guide for the best hedgehog cages on the internet. When searching for the best cage available we became sad when we saw, that most of the recommended cages are inappropriate for the species. In our case, that means, most cages were either too small, had multiple levels or surfaces of wire. So we spend some effort and are lucky to present cages that are really suitable for hedgehogs. Here they are!

In this article we’re going to review the following 8 hedgehog cages:

How to choose the best hedgehog cage (Buying guide)

There’s more to choosing the best hedgehog cage than just looking for the best guinea pig or rabbit cage. Even our pick for the best hamster cage can’t meet the needs of a hedgehog. Here’s what to look for when shopping for the new home of your prickly pal.


Most critical are some aspects of the cage design. In this section, we want to give you an overview what to consider when buying a cage, no matter what type of cage you choose in the end.

Flat surface

Hedgehogs have very tiny and damageable feet. Therefore it is essential, that all surfaces in the cage are flat. There is no place for wire mesh as a surface in a hedgehog cage. The feet of your little friend would get stuck and it can be very difficult for him to get out. Injuries can be the result.

No multi-level

Hedgehogs will climb, but they aren’t any good at it. This is the reason why even our spacy top pick for the best rat cage isn’t a good fit. When climbing they often can’t manage the way back to the ground what is mainly because of their poor eyesight. Anyhow this can lead to dangerous falls and serious injuries. Cases are known in which hedgehogs broke their bones or even their spines punctured backward into their body.

If you choose a wire cage (what we highly recommend) a 6 inch bottom pan will provide your hedgie from climbing the walls.

Smooth interior

This is for the same reason we don’t recommend multi-level setups and the deep pan. Everything that makes climbing possible should be avoided in a hedgehog cage.


Bar-spacing does matter for hedgehogs. Some people say that bars should have no more than ½ inch space. This might be true for very young and small pets. Mature hedgehogs can go with up to one inch.

Safety Aspects

Most of the safety aspects we’ve covered already within the sections above. But one important point is still missing: There mustn’t be sharp objects in the cage. This is especially for the corners where the sides are typically held together with (sharp-ended) wire rings.


When it comes to the material of the cage we recommend choosing plastic wherever it’s possible except the wire-bars. Bars of plastic can cause problems with ceramic heat emitters and depending on the location of the cage you definitely need these. Metal bars should be rust-resistant. That makes them durable so that your hedgie has a home for his whole life.

Other parts like the bottom tray and especially accessories should be of plastic. Your hedgehog will have direct contact with them and metal can get to warm at this point.

Another problematic component can be wood. It is very hard to clean and without harmful chemicals, it will start to smell soon. Some kinds of wood, like cedar, contain essential oils. These can lead to allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses.


Cage size is one of the key points when it comes to the well-being of your hedgehog. As hedgehogs turned out to be very active nocturnal critters, their cage can’t be large enough. In the wild, they make it over several miles a night. No cage in the world can offer so much space.

Nonetheless, you can offer your little friends a good home. Most experts recommend a cage size of a minimum of 24 x 24 inch which leads to 4 square feet. If it is possible we even recommend going a little bigger and choose 48 x 24 inches (8 square feet).

Cage Types

There are several cage types that can meet the needs of hedgehogs. All cages should have a proper design which we described in the sections above. Although some cage types are not suitable for hedgehogs we will list them to shortly explain why.

Wire cages

Wire cages are our favorite cage type for hedgehogs. They offer great ventilation what is essential for the health of your little critter.

Most of them come with a pan of plastic, but before buying make a double-check. Sometimes the pan is not the recommended 6 inches deep, you can easily fix that with your own modifications. Have in mind, in the case of hedgehog cages the bin is to prevent climbing not scattering the bedding around.

Another advantage of wire cages is, that they offer good access (generally through 2 doors) and are easy to clean.

Bins of plastic

Bins are often used by breeders but can be a good choice if you are on a budget too. If you want to be able to observe your hedgie not only from straight above, make sure to buy a transparent bin.

To avoid escapes the walls have to be high enough, we recommend 16 inches.

Space is often a problem when using a plastic bin. It isn’t that easy to find one that is big enough what often makes people DIY cages as the next stage.


DIY-Cages are often very large. Their setup contains usually multiple cube & coroplast (C&C) grids. Due to their size, they don’t fit in every house or flat and it takes a long time to clean them properly. But therefor you have nearly endless possibilities to configure them. DIY cages are a good choice to make the best habitat you can imagine for your little friend.

Plastic cages

Plastic cages are small and lack of ventilation. In fact, they’re not even meeting the needs of the pets they’re made for. We don’t recommend buying one of these for hedgehogs. Keeping critters in this kind of cages is cruelty in our opinion. For hedgehogs, they can cause additional problems when you need to set up a heat emitter.

Glass tanks / Aquariums

Glass tanks and Aquariums have several disadvantages. For example, it is very hard to find some with enough ground space. Even the big 50 gallon tanks tend to have very high walls and only little square feet. Some models for terraristic are a better fit but also very expensive.


There are some things that should be in every hedgehog cage:

  • Litter box
  • Dish (for food and water)
  • Sleeping bag

When you plan your cage make sure that there is enough space for all of them. Hedgehogs are very playful and they definitely need some toys. The Exercise wheel is mandatory as they have a very strong need for movement.

Hedgehog Cage Reviews

Our top pick: Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat from Midwest is available in 2 different sizes, large and extra-large. If you choose this cage and if it fits in your rooms, we definitely recommend going with the bigger one. For the additional space, the difference in price is negligible. Have also in mind, that this cage is very durable and will last for many years. Honestly, it is our top pick and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Apart from its size, the cool thing with this cage is great access it offers. The whole top can be opened in 2 parts. Another wire door is located in the front of the cage. Most buyers find it easy to clean and are done with it in no matter of time.

The cage comes as a package that includes several accessories. A balcony with access ramp, tip-proof dish, water bottle and hay guard are delivered by Midwest. When it comes to setting up the cage for hedgies, the ramp might be to steep. You can just leave it away.

The water bottle and hay guard are attached outside the cage, what definitely safes room.

If you want you can use the balcony as a hideaway by attaching it very low in the cage.

Assembling is easy and fast through 8 plastic clips. Even if sometimes it can be a little tricky to set up the side walls before placing the lid on top of it.

Bar-spacing: 1 inch

Size: 46 8/9 x 22 ⅘ x 24 inch (appr. 7 ½ square inch)


  • Quite spacy
  • Durable
  • High bottom pan
  • Great access possibilities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Balcony access to steep
  • Water bottle can leak a bit

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For the Budget: Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

This is a very affordable and spacy cage. Originally designed for guinea pigs, but it fits very well for hedgehogs too. This model might be the right fit for you if you’re on a budget. Apart from its size and price are several other things we really like about this cage, so here is our review.

Let’s begin with the top. It is easily foldable and can be opened anywhere, so access to your little hedgehogs is very uncomplicated with this cage. If you want, you can even leave the top off completely. Many buyers only use the top on one part of the cage to set up a ceramic heat emitter which it holds perfectly.

The size of the cage is a whopping 8 square feet which is also our recommended size for your hedgehog cage. If you want, you can put 2 together for even more space to run around and roam.

The included divider makes it possible to set up an extra litter side. The divider is not tied to any specific place, so you can decide the ratio on your own. The ramp is easy to master for hedgehogs and helps them to get from one side of the divider to the other. In fact, it would be good to have a second one for the main access to the cage.

The leak-proof canvas bottom makes cleaning very easy. You can just hand wash it and honestly be done within minutes. All the bars are outside the canvas so you don’t need to disassemble anything for cleaning them. It’s PVC lined and holds firm to the wired sides.

The canvas bottom is also good for providing traction and it protects the sensitive feet of your hedgie.

Assembling the cage is simple and quick. Many buyers prefer it to a DIY C&C cage.

Of course, the cage isn’t perfect and we don’t want to hide anything from you. So here are some things that might be negative and will discourage you from buying.

The cage itself can be flimsy, some fix this issue by putting it in a corner, others use cable ties to make it more sturdy.

The bars are vertical. Attached water bottles are either too high or too low. Even if most hedgehogs can manage it, you might consider a tip-proof water dish.

Sides are flat, luckily the vertical bars prevent the critter from climbing, but it can be that your hedgehogs’ bedding or “brown beans” are scattered around the cage.

Bar-spacing: 1 inch

Size: 47 x 24 x 14 inch (appr. 8 square feet)


  • Large size (8 square feet)
  • Affordable
  • Totally flexible top
  • Easy to clean canvas bottom
  • Easy to assemble


  • Flimsy
  • Vertical bars make things hard to attach
  • Flat sides

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

The Wabbitat is another great cage produced by MidWest. And no, we aren’t paid by MidWest, even if this is the 3rd cage from the manufacturer we really like. But you will see, also this cage has a few things we could complain about.

Originally built for rabbits the cage comes with a hay feeder, water bottle, feeding bowl and elevated feeding area. In this case, the accessories aren’t such a fantastic fit:

  • Hedgehogs prefer water bowls over bottles
  • The included bowls can be tipped easily
  • Access to the feeding area is too steep
  • You need to buy another hideout (like an igloo for example)

If you have enough space, we recommend going with the large option if you finally decide on this one. If you want to offer even more space, with this cage you’re able to attach 2 add-ons. Both, wire extension and hutch extension are available.

The Wabbitat is really easy to clean. It offers access through a top door and two full-width side doors. The plastic pan is 5.5 inches deep, which is only okayish in our opinion.

Assembling is easy but requires some strength to make the clips click.

Bar-spacing: 1 inch

Size: 47.16 x 23.62 x 19.68 inch (appr. 7.75 square feet)


  • Roomy
  • Full-width side doors
  • Even more space through add-ons possible
  • Affordable


  • Most accessories not suitable for hedgehogs
  • Plastic pan could be a little deeper

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Prevue Hendryx 525BLUE Small Animal Tubby

This cage is large but doesn’t come with any accessories. Therefore we think it’s definitely on the pricier end of the range. Even though it’s sturdy and very well-made. But if you already have everything your hedgie needs, the Prevue Hendryxs Small Animal Tubby might be a good choice.

There are 2 doors, one on the top and one on the side that, both, are relatively small. Because assembling is simple in general, the cage is still easy to clean.

The 6.5-inch deep bottom tub prevents the hedgehog from climbing. It although makes sure, that mess isn’t scattered around.

Bar-spacing: 1 inch

Size: 47 ¼ x 24 ¼ x 21 ½ inch (appr. 8 square feet)


  • Large size
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble


  • Pricy
  • Often damaged through shipment

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

SONGMICS Guinea Pig Playpen with

The SONGMICS Playpen might be the right choice if you want to get in the world of DIY cages. It 24 panels and everything you need for easy assembling. There literally endless possibilities for configuration. And, in case you want to keep a hedgehog in it, you should make some changes to the standard setup.

For example, you should stay away from the second layer. If you have enough space make it bigger instead, your hedgie will love the room you offer him.

Although the Playpen comes with non-slip mats, they won’t make it as a bottom. Litter can easily get between the mats so you need to fix this to protect your floor. It can be done for example with some linoleum tiles from the DIY market.

The single grids are 17.7 inches high, so no hedgehog will manage to climb over these. Even though they are lined with metal, there’re no sharp edges. The metal makes every panel 100 % chew-proof. The panels themselves are very easy to clean and dirt can simply be wiped off. But have in mind the ease of cleaning depend on the whole setup of your DIY cage.

The design is seamless and there are no corners or fugues where your hedgie will get through.

Bar-spacing: 0

Size: 56.3 x 28 x 36.6 inch (appr. 11 square feet when set up with 2nd layer)


  • Various configurations possible
  • 100 % escape-proof
  • 100 % chew proof
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • You need something to protect your floor

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

SONGMICS Small Animal Cage Playpen

This is the first playpen we’ve reviewed. The big advantage of this product compared to other playpens is the included heavy canvas bottom. It’s water-resistant, protects the floor and makes cleaning a breeze: It can simply be rinsed in the shower.

Like most playpens, it doesn’t come with any accessories. But therefore it offers enough space even for large wheels and igloos.

Assembling is easy, you just have to slot the 8 grid panels together, attach the floor mat and secure it with zip ties.

Some buyers find it hard to assemble the lid. That’s not a big deal in general because you don’t really need it for your hedgehog unless you have cats or other bigger pets. Anyhow, the side doors are too small for putting accessories into the playpen and a larger top door is missing.

Grid-spacing: 1.1 inch

Size: 48.4 x 24.8 x 24 inches (appr. 8 square feet)


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low price
  • Durable


  • No top door
  • Grid-space is quite large

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Amakunft Small Animals C&C Cage Tent

The “Cage Tent” from Amakunft is more like a temporary play area than a real cage. It offers lots of space and is really cheap. It might be an awesome fit if you are looking for some enclosure to put your hedgies in when cleaning their habitat or for some playtime. But on the other side, the disadvantages are huge if you want to use it as the main cage.

The tent itself doesn’t need to be assembled, it opens fully automatic. Folding it back is also done within a few seconds. And folded it’s really small and can be stored easily.

Through the transparent nets, the pets can be watched all the time. Since the tent is not chew-proof this is what should be done regularly.

Although the material is only 90 % waterproof.

Bar-spacing: 0

Size: 10 square feet


  • Large
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to clean
  • Low price


  • Not chew-proof
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable as the main cage

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

PawHut 36 Panel Pet Playpen Small Animal Cage

The PawHut comes with 36 panels what makes various configurations possible. Don’t worry about the size as it’s very huge, you don’t need to set it up with all the grids. It is definitely the most flexible cage and can easily fit every room.

Buyers are convinced by the quality and sturdiness of the PawHut, but most people use it for their bunnies.

When you want to keep your hedgie in this cage there can appear different problems due to the design of the cage. First, it may a bit oversized, as you typically don’t need the 2nd layer. You should also have in mind, that the playpen system doesn’t come with a bottom. The grid space may be too large for hedgehogs too. All these concerns lead to our decision to not recommend this cage for your prickly pal.

Grid-spacing: 1.5 inch

Size: 57.5 x 28.75 x 28.75 inch (appr. 11.5 square feet when configured with 2 layers)


  • Very large
  • Sturdy & good quality
  • Flexible setup


  • No bottom pan
  • Grid-spacing too large

>> Check Price on Amazon <<


There are several cages that are suitable for hedgehogs and have good quality. Even if the choice isn’t an easy one, in this case, we take the Living World Deluxe Habitat as our top pick.

It’s spacious and offers great access possibilities for easy cleaning. Compared to other the other cages (especially our pick for the budget) it is really sturdy and durable. Even if it is on the pricier end, we recommend going with the largest option if it fits in your rooms.

The Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest is our choice for the budget. This cage offers plenty of room. Like our top pick, it has good access points and seems like a bargain. But have in mind, that compared to our top pick, it is flimsy, has flat sides and things are hard to attach due to the vertical bars.

If you want to build your own DIY cage and are looking for some grids, the SONGMICS Guinea Pig Playpen might be the way to go. The panels are escape and chew-proof and transparent. Due to its barless design, there are no ways for climbing. It’s really sturdy and offers endless possibilities for setting it up.

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