5 Best Hedgehog Cage Liners (Review & Guide)

For those of you, who are in a hurry: Here are my top picks, the GuineaDad Fleece Liner if you want to replace bedding and the Prevue Hendryx Antimicrobial Cage Liner if you just want an easier cleaning of your cage.

I spent hours researching the best hedgehog cage liners for you. I found more than one option of good quality, which one is best for you depends mostly on your cage size as well as if you want to replace traditional hedgehog bedding or not.

In this article I’m going to review the following 5 cage liners:

Best Hedgehog Cage Liners

While I like all products from this review there are some differences you should think about. The first two products are fleece liners which replace the bedding. They are a bit more expensive, but as you can reuse them many times, the costs are very low in the long term.

The cage liners that follow after position three are more to make cleaning out the cage easier. They soak up moisture and reduce odor but you have to replace them regularly. Have that in mind when you decide to buy one or another.

GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

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  • Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
  • Super odor control
  • Hideout place in pocket
  • Package can be used as hide away


  • Pricy at first as you pay upfront
  • Tends to shrink when washed too warm

This is my favourite hedgehog cage liner for various reasons. If you look at it the first time, you might find it a bit pricey, but have in mind that you can use the liner several years if you take care of it.

The absorbing quality is really impressive, you can literally observe how moisture is absorbed within seconds leaving the surface dry and comfy. Additionally it is anti-bacterial and completely dust-free. 

Cleaning is quite easy, but you have to know how it’s properly done. When washed to warm it shrinks, the manufacturer made it a bit larger to compensate for this effect but you don’t want to push it too far.

Compared to other hedgehog cage liners, the burrowing pocket is what makes this product special. Hedgehogs like it very much and many tend to prefer it over their hideaway. It won’t be unusual to find your little hedgie sleeping in the pocket rather than at its normal place.

I also like that you can use the package as a hideout. It won’t last very long as most critters will chew it away in a relatively short amount of time. But the idea of minimizing waste is great!

Drymate Liner Mat

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  • Cut to fit
  • Traps moisture
  • Fast drying
  • Slip resistant
  • Made from 50 % recycled materials


  • Nothing to burrow

Originally the Drymate Liner Mat was developed for whelping boxes, but there are many people who use it as a cage liner for their critters. 

The biggest advantage of this product compared to others is in my opinion, that you can cut it very easily. No matter the dimensions of your hedgehog cage, you can make the liner a perfect fit.

It not only traps and contains moisture but protects the surface below due to its waterproof qualities. That makes it a perfect product if you use a playpen without flooring. Of course it is fast drying so that you hedgehog won’t have to deal with any moisture for a long time.

Another big point here is that the Drymate Linder Mat is completely slip resistant. It will be hard for your hedgehog to move it around in his cage causing water bowls to push over.

I also like the fact that Drymate uses 50 % recycled materials to produce the liner. For me it is a good feeling that not the whole fabric is made from new resources. 

A con might be, that there is nothing designed for burrowing within this product. You will need to offer a box with deep and comfy bedding.

Prevue Hendryx Antimicrobial Cage Liner

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  • Cut to fit
  • Without chemicals and bleaches
  • Flattens out easily
  • Makes cleaning the cage easier
  • Affordable


  • Bedding is still needed

The Prevue Hendryx Cage Liner is not a surrogate for your hedgehog bedding, what is the biggest difference to the products I reviewed above. Actually this product was made just to make cleaning the cage easier and you’ll have to put some bedding on top.

Compared to other cage liners, in this category there are some features that make this product superior. For example it comes without chemicals and bleaches. Additionally you can cut it in the right size easily and it will flatten out without any required action.

Even if it looks a bit expensive first, you will notice that this is actually very affordable when you realise how much 100 feet actually are. For an easy measurement there is a mark at the paper every foot. 

Paw Inspired Disposable Cage Liners

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  • Fits playpens perfectly
  • Absorbent and fast drying
  • Odor reducing


  • Not perfect fit for every cage size

The Disposable Cage Liners by Paw Inspired are convincing in different ways. However the main advantage is that they fit C&C playpens perfectly. In combination with the other features this makes them my favourite liners for these.

Apart from that a combination of bamboo and carbon is reducing odors efficiently. The liners are absorbent and fast drying as well. Urine and moisture is transformed into gel instantly, there is no way your hedgehog can leave foot tracks.

Of course I don’t have to say that this product is non-toxic otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.

Super Absorbent Disposable Cage Liners

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  • Plastic border to prevent overflow
  • 5-layer-design: to lock up moisture and insuring leak proof
  • No odors


  • Squarish, more than one is needed

These cage liners do their job very well. But there is a disadvantage that I want to address directly: their measurement is only 22 sq. inch, what means that you’ll need more than one to cover the bottom of your hedgehog cage.

Apart from that they are leak-proof and due to the 5-layer-design they lock up moisture as well. A plastic border prevents overflow and if needed, you can cut the cage liners to the right size.

All in all I like these cage liners but I think other alternatives are a bit bitter.


In my opinion there are two cage liners that might be the best ones for you and your pet. Which one I suggest depends mainly on the question if you want to replace bedding or not.

If so my favorite product is the GuineaDad Fleece Liner. Its quality is outstanding and most hedgehog owners are happy with it for a very long time. The burrowing pocket is a feature I don’t want to miss. I also like the package that you can use as a hide-away a lot.

If you want to use your traditional bedding and are just on the search for something that makes cleaning the cage easier, I recommend the Prevue Hendryx Antimicrobial Cage Liner. It’s not only that this product works so well, it’s also very easy to adjust the size so that it’s a perfect fit for your cage.

If you have a playpen you should have a look at the Paw Inspired Cage Liners. They might be the best fit in this case.

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