10 Best Chinchilla Food For a Healthy Diet (Review & Guide)

For those of you, who are in a hurry: Here is my top pick, the Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food.

With all the peculiar pets you can own, chinchillas are one of my favorites. They’re highly energetic, friendly, and have an addictive personality. However, caring for a chinchilla does require some effort, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet.

Below are the top 10 best chinchilla foods that come highly recommended by pet owners and animal experts alike.

In this article I am going to review the following 9 foods:

Top 10 Chinchilla Foods for Your Pet

Check out these top picks for feeding your pet chinchilla.

Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food (Top Pick)

Oxbow is a reputable pet food company, and its chinchilla food is one of the best on the market. With its quality and nutritional content, it’s no surprise that several pet owners trust this product to feed their furry little friends. The Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food is as tasty as it is nutritious, so your pet will chow down no matter how picky they are.

In terms of dietary specifics, this food is packed with everything your critter needs to stay. It has protein, fiber, and fats, offering your pet a well-balanced meal. That said, it may not be the most appealing dish to your picky critter; the scent isn’t very strong out of the bag, so some chinchillas may ignore it at first.

Along with all the essential macronutrients, it also contains sufficient amounts of vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin D3. The Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food is a meal you can rely on and will likely become your go-to choice when feeding your little one. 


  • Offers a well-balanced meal with all essential nutrients
  • Extremely tasty even for the pickiest eaters
  • Highly affordable and suitable for long-term use


  • No ‘fun bits’ for pickier pets; pellet-only blend

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Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food

It can be challenging to find dependable chinchilla food that offers the right balance between being tasty and nutritious. Fortunately, the Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food provides both with its high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors. 

The company puts a lot of thought and attention to detail when creating their products if their reputation is anything to go by. The food is a perfect choice to fuel your furry roommate because it’s packed with enough protein, fiber, and healthy fats to let your little one live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

One fantastic feature is that this food is straightforward for your pet to chew and digest, which is fantastic, considering chinchillas are susceptible to numerous digestive problems. 

Even if your pet is finicky, there’s no doubt they will enjoy their Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food.


  • Easy to eat and break down
  • High-quality ingredients and no added sugar
  • Promotes healthier skin and coat


  • Not all chinchillas like the taste since there’s less sugar

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Mazuri Nutritionally Complete Chinchilla Food

The Nutritionally Complete Chinchilla Food by Mazuri is a top-rated choice suitable for all ages. With all of its healthy ingredients and nutrients, you don’t have to include any supplements into your chinchilla’s diet. The food comes in pellet form, which allows for naturally chewing for both old and young critters. 

Along with being delicious, this food also contains probiotics that aid digestion. The pellets smell sweet, so you shouldn’t have any worries about your little one wanting to indulge. One thing I love about these chinchilla pellets is that they also contain flax seeds, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are fantastic for promoting a healthier coat. 

The formula is 18% fiber, 20% protein, and 3% healthy fat, making it an excellent option for younger chinchillas who still have a few growth spurts to hit. If you’re looking for an overall healthy and tasty food option for your pet, consider looking into the Mazuri Nutritionally Complete Chinchilla Food. 


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Contains healthy Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Pellet form for easier chewing


  • Not efficient enough for pregnant chinchillas  

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Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix

If you have a chin that’s a picky eater, the Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix will satisfy all of their cravings while providing a healthy mix of nutrients. The mixture contains several all-natural fruits, vegetables, and nuts, which provide your little furball with all the energy they need to remain active and healthy.

Since the ingredients retain their natural appearance, your Chinchilla’s foraging instincts will kick in whenever it’s mealtime. Several of the compounds help boost their immune system, including probiotics for better gut health. 

The strands of hay will help keep their teeth clean and promote a more natural chewing feel. I personally love this blend because it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors. You can also reseal the bag to ensure your pet’s food stays fresh.


  • Hard ingredients that are more appealing
  • Includes hay and dry compounds suitable for wearing down teeth
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives


  • Some pets pick out the tasty bits and leave the rest

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Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food – Alfalfa/Timothy Blend 

Sherwood Pet Health’s blend is considered to be a premium option. The formula contains all essential vitamins, and nutrients chinchillas need to grow and retain optimal health. One noteworthy thing about the Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food is that it’s free of soy and grains, promoting better digestive health. 

The food is hay-based and contains a mixture of Timothy hay and flax. Some of the critical ingredients are whole safflower, Alfalfa hay, and several essential amino acids. 

The standard 4.5-pound bag should last a while, and your chinchilla will love the delicious blend of all-natural ingredients. Many of the compounds also help with healthier skin and fur. By providing a mixture of hardy ingredients, you can expect several other benefits like less odor from your chinchilla’s litter box and avoiding major digestive problems. 


  • Hay-based with a perfect blend of Timothy and Alfalfa hay
  • Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids 
  • Help prevent digestive problems and reduces litter box odor


  • Not suitable for picky eaters

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Food from The Wild Chinchilla

Inspired by the meals of your chinchilla’s ancestors, Food from The Wild Chinchilla offers several benefits for your furry friend to enjoy. The pellets contain all-natural ingredients, such as sweet potato, timothy hay, and rosehip. I especially like this blend because it essentially gives chinchillas a natural eating experience without artificial flavors or preservatives. 

Your chinchilla is a member of your family, so you should ensure they’re getting the best food possible. With this mixture, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is getting all of the essential nutrients they need for a well-balanced diet. Food from The Wild Chinchilla is chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and amino acids. 

If you’re seeking an affordable blend that’s suitable for all ages, I strongly recommend giving this one a try.


  • A wide variety of natural ingredients
  • The pellets are easy to chew and digest
  • No harmful added compounds


  • Contains mostly pellets 

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Kaytee Fiesta Chinchilla Food

Kaytee’s Fiesta Chinchilla Food is one of the most popular choices for pet owners for its overall quality and several health benefits. The blend focuses heavily on improving dental health by incorporating numerous different textures. It contains all of the necessary nutrients and minerals to keep your chinchilla strong and healthy. 

The blend contains a mixture of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, which chinchillas absolutely adore. Being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Kaytee Fiesta Chinchilla Food works wonders for your little furry one’s immune system.

Kaytee is among the most recognized brands in the pet food industry. Therefore, you can count on them for reliable products to keep your chinchilla happy and healthy. The Fiesta blend is a perfect example of why the company is so popular. 


  • Small bits are easy to chew
  • Omega 3s promote a healthy coat
  • Extremely tasty


  • It contains some artificial flavors

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Supreme Petfoods Charlie Chinchilla Food

Finding reliable chinchilla chow can be daunting. However, Supreme Petfoods makes it easy with their unique Charlie Chinchilla Food blend. It contains several delicious and healthy ingredients, like raisins, carrots, soy, wheat bites, and grass pellets. The company promotes its Charlie blend for being high in fiber, which is fantastic for your pet’s digestive system.

I like this choice because the food particles come in several different shapes and sizes. Chinchillas have an instinct to forage, so the variety really helps them be more inclined to feasting. Unlike other chinchilla diets, the Charlie blend is also low in fat since it doesn’t contain any peanuts or sunflower seeds.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced diet without the need for supplementation, consider checking out the Charlie Chinchilla Food by Supreme Petfoods. 


  • Wide range of shapes and sizes to encourage foraging
  • Low in fat and high in fiber
  • All-natural and delicious ingredients


  • Not suitable for picky eaters

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SunSeed Vita Prima Chinchilla Food

SunSeed Vita Prima creates specialized blends for smaller pets, and their chinchilla pellet formula is one of their best-selling products. It contains a perfect mixture of healthy ingredients packed with nutrients to promote gut health, hair growth, and a stronger immune system. The formula is timothy-hay-based, which chinchillas can’t seem to get enough of. 

Although the SunSeed Vita Prima Chinchilla Food is in pellet form, there are larger pieces of fruit and vegetables that your little one might favor. However, unlike other blends, chinchillas also enjoy eating the pellets and not only the other hard ingredients. 

All of the ingredients are grown in the United States by reputable farms, so you can ensure you’re getting the best quality every time.  


  • Easy to chew pellets
  • Loaded with probiotics for a healthier digestive system
  • Great source of fiber


  • Pellets are easy to fall apart
  • Your chinchilla might only prefer the hard ingredients

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Vitakraft Dandelion Drops for Chinchillas (Treat) 

Chinchillas love a tasty treat. The Vitakraft Dandelion Drops are an all-time favorite for these furry little balls of energy since they contain real dandelions. These treats are rich in whey protein, which helps keep your pet healthy. Like with any treat, you should offer them sparingly, of course. 

Different from other chinchilla treats, these don’t contain any artificial flavors. They have an addictive crispy texture that chins really get a kick out of. If you’re looking for a healthy way to pamper your pet, the Vitakraft Dandelion Drops are an excellent option. 


  • Easy to eat
  • Packed with vitamins and nutrients
  • Free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives


  • Treats melt quickly if not stored properly

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How to Select the Right Chinchilla Food

If you’ve made it this far, I’m going to assume you’ve already read through our reviews for the best chinchilla foods above. When looking at all the ingredients, you can probably guess that chinchillas are herbivores, so they only eat plant matter. Some of the most common elements in their diet are hay, seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

Here are a few aspects to look for when choosing chinchilla food:

Consider Your Unique Pet

When selecting chinchilla food, you need to consider your pet’s size, age, weight, and current health. If they have any pre-existing health conditions, they may require a specific kind of food or avoid certain ingredients. Fortunately, most of the products above are suitable for all chinchillas, no matter their size or age. 

Fiber Is Everything

Like humans, chinchillas also need a suitable amount of fiber. Since they only live on herbs and other small plant compounds, chinchillas have a susceptible digestive system. Therefore, always make sure the formula you’re about to buy is packed with enough fiber (usually more than 15%). 

Many of the products we review are rich in fiber. You can check out the Mazuri Nutritionally Complete Chinchilla Food, which contains 18% fiber and is rich in other essential macronutrients. 

Prioritize Grass and Hay

Chinchillas’ teeth continuously grow throughout their lives. Therefore, you must choose food with hay and grass, which helps trim their chompers down. Grass and hay are two ingredients that chinchillas feel comfortable chewing. Look for timothy and alfalfa hay as they are rich in fiber and low in protein. 

Can Chinchillas Have Fruits and Vegetables?

Your doctor will tell you that eating enough fruits and vegetables will make you stronger and live a healthier lifestyle, and the same goes for your chinchilla. If you want to provide a well-balanced diet for your pet, choosing a blend with fruits and veggies is a good idea.

Whenever possible, choose chinchilla food blends without additives and dyes; plain old produce is plenty. Of course, fresh veggies are preferable to packaged in all cases. Veterinary experts say that chinchillas need “dark leafy vegetables” as part of their regular diet. 


There you have it, the top 10 best chinchilla foods on the market. One of my top picks is the Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Food for its several health benefits and overall quality. Plus, it’s easy to find in stores.

But remember, always take into consideration your chinchilla’s physical characteristics and personal preferences when selecting food. By doing so, you’ll ensure your pet is both healthy and happy on their regular diet.

We hope this guide was helpful, and you now know a few of the best options for chinchilla food. Chinchillas are highly-entertaining, loving, and adorable. So, it’s only fair we go out of our way to provide them with delicious meals and treats. 

If you know someone with a chinchilla, be sure to share this article with them so that they can make the right choice when grocery shopping for their chin.


Can Chinchillas Live On Pellets?

It’s possible for chinchillas to survive on pellets. But for your chin to really thrive, experts say that they need a diet composed of 80-90 percent hay. Grass hay — like Timothy or orchard — is the best option. That said, pellets are mostly hay, so these can contribute to your pet’s overall consumption of healthy grasses.

What Human Foods Can Chinchillas Eat?

You and your chinchilla can share a few snacks. Some dried fruits and vegetables are a fantastic treat for the two of you, as long as they don’t have added sugar or preservatives. You can also let your pet chow down on some nuts and seeds. However, bear in mind that nuts are high in fat, and too many can be unhealthy.

Can Chinchillas Eat Other Rodent Foods?

Although chinchillas might be able to get away with eating a selection of different food types, they have specific nutritional needs. Therefore, it’s not recommended to feed them food for other rodents. If you want to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy, always buy premium chinchilla food. There are endless options, so it shouldn’t be tricky to find one your pet loves. 

Why Do Chinchillas Eat Their Own Poop?

You notice that sometimes your chinchilla eats its own poop. While this can be worrisome, especially if you’ve just introduced a new food, what they are eating is a particular type of poop known as cecotropes. Like many other critters, chins consume cecotropes for nutritional reasons, so it’s nothing to worry about. 

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