7 Best Chinchilla Cages that Really Suit (Review & guide)

For those of you, who are in a hurry: Here’s our top pick, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Two-Story Pet Home.

Chinchillas are some of the cutest and friendliest creatures on the planet, so it’s no wonder they’re such beloved pets. As a chinchilla owner, you love your little fluffball and want to provide them with a habitat that’s fit for a king or queen. 

But, with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to narrow the field and select the best chinchilla cage for your needs. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at everything you need to know to choose the best chinchilla cage, and we’ll share our top choices so you can select the best home for your furry friend. 

In this article we’re going to review the following 7 chinchilla cages:

What to Look for in a Chinchilla Cage

If you’re not an expert on chinchilla habitats, we have all the information you need to become an expert quickly so you can choose the best home for your pet. 


Chinchillas are avid chewers, so any cage you select must be chew-proof. Metal cages are the most popular, and they’re typically the best option. 

While it’s okay for a cage to have some plastic components, you’ll want to ensure that they’re out of reach of your pet so you don’t have to worry about them chewing on them, which can damage the cage and make it easier to escape.

Virtually all chinchilla cages have multiple platforms and ramps installed throughout the habitat, so your pet has places to jump or climb to and explore. These platforms are usually made from heavy-duty plastic, solid metal, or the same wire material as the cage.

Wire platforms are the least desirable, as your pet’s tiny legs can fall through the spaces in the ramp or platform. Heavy-duty plastic eliminates that issue, but your pet can chew on, which is why solid metal platforms and ramps are the top options you’ll find in the best chinchilla cages. 


Chinchillas are tiny animals, and while they can be quite active, they don’t require a ton of space to live a happy and fulfilling life. As a rule of thumb, your pet should have at least 20,000 cubic inches of space inside their habitat. 

Bar Spacing 

Virtually all chinchilla habitats feature wire bars to enclose your pet inside. While chinchillas aren’t usually escape artists, they’ll easily squeeze through the cage if the bars are spaced too far apart. 

They may look chubby, but that’s because they’re covered in such thick fur. Underneath all that fluff, your chinchilla has a body about the size of a large mouse. A chinchilla can easily escape a cage with wide bar spacing if it wanted to. 

For adult chinchillas, a bar spacing of ⅞” or narrower is ideal. For baby and juvenile chinchillas, narrower bar spacing is necessary. If you have a baby chinchilla, you’ll want to find a habitat with a bar spacing of ½” or thinner. 


The doors are a critical component of your chinchilla’s habitat that often gets overlooked. The cage should feature doors that are easy for you to open, but impossible for your pet to tamper with. Large doors are best as they provide complete access to the inside of the cage, and some habitats offer full-width doors that open the entire length of the enclosure. 

Taller enclosures usually feature multiple doors so you can easily reach into the cage, and some also feature an additional entrance on top of the unit. While most chinchillas won’t try to escape their habitat, some basic locking mechanism is still necessary. 

Vertical Space

Providing your chinchilla with plenty of vertical space to explore will keep them happy and healthy. A quality chinchilla cage will have multiple levels that your pet can reach by jumping or climbing a ramp. 

These levels let your pet get the most out of their habitat, and they allow pet owners to accessorize their pet’s habitat with everything they need without cluttering the cage.

Top Seven Chinchilla Cages for Your Pet 

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for to select the best chinchilla cage, let’s take a closer look at the seven best cages available for your furry friend.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Two-Story Pet Home

This expansive cage from Midwest is practically a mansion for your tiny pet, and it’s one of the largest and most well-built enclosures on the market. 

This cage features four levels of space for your chinchilla to explore, including two full-size levels that are 36” long by 24” wide. The entire habitat measures a massive 36” L x 24” W x 63” H. Unlike most enclosures with doors that open partially, this cage has full-length doors that open on either side to provide you with complete access to the entire habitat. 

The large doors make it easier to pick up your pet and clean the entirety of the cage. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your chinchilla escaping, even if they have Houdini-like tendencies. The latches are escape-proof, but you’ll be able to open them easily using only one hand. 

The cage includes two leak-proof pans for the bottom of the cage and the second floor and two adjustable shelves that can be positioned anywhere in the enclosure to provide additional loft space for your pet to explore. 

Three ramps with textured lines for grip make it easy for your pet to navigate their habitat’s different levels. Each ramp includes Happy Feet covers, which provide a comfortable and textured surface for your chinchilla to walk on, ensuring that they don’t hurt their tiny feet, or slip when climbing the ramp. 

The Deluxe Critter Nation cage is crafted from steel tubing that’s just over ½” thick for added stability and durability, and the wire spacing on the enclosure is ½,” ideal for baby chinchillas, as they won’t be able to squeeze through the bars. Plus, you won’t have to worry about investing in a larger cage for them once they become full grown. 


  • Leak-proof trays are thick and durable 
  • Expansive living area
  • Happy Feet ramp covers 
  • Full-width doors 


  • Expensive
  • Poorly packaged for shipping – cage components may arrive bent or dented

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Prevue-Hendryx Model 485 Feisty Ferret Home 

The Feisty Ferret home from Prevue-Hendryx is one of the most spacious cages available for your furry friend, and it provides an impressive four levels of living space. This cage also includes a selection of accessories that help make it easier for your chinchilla to enjoy all this spacious cage has to offer. 

The cage is constructed from durable wrought iron and powder coated with a gorgeous hammertone finish that’s both attractive and exceptionally durable. The enclosure has a ⅞” bar spacing, so it’s ideal for adult chinchillas. If you’re investing in a habitat for a baby chinchilla, you may want to get them started in something smaller that has a narrower bar spacing to prevent escape. 

The cage itself measures in at 31″ L x 20″ W x 54″ H, and it can be customized with the included ramps and grills to create four levels of living space for your pet. 

The 485 cage includes two metal flooring grilles, three plastic ramps for climbing up and down the levels of the enclosure, and two plastic platforms. A large removable plastic tray makes keeping the habitat clean a breeze. The cage also includes a deluxe hammock that your chinchilla will love to lounge in.

The Feisty Ferret Home from Prevue offers two large escape-proof doors with stainless steel locks that keep your furry friend securely inside. The doors are ideally located on the top and bottom half of the cage, so it couldn’t be easier to pick up your pet or get your arm deep inside for cleaning. 

Below the cage is an expansive storage area that’s ideal for storing food, treats, toys, and accessories. The pen sits on four heavy-duty casters, so moving the cage for cleaning is easy, and when you aren’t moving the enclosure, the casters lock in place for stability. 


  • Extra-large escape-proof doors
  • Tons of usable space 
  • Includes hammock, ramps, and trays


  • Difficult to assemble 
  • Storage shelf has very little vertical clearance

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Yaheetech Indoor/Outdoor Small Animal Hutch

This large hutch is ideal for chinchillas who love to explore their surroundings, as it features six different levels for them to lounge, explore, and play. 

This cage is also perfect for pet owners who don’t have much space, as this cage is surprisingly compact given its large size. The enclosure measures 25.2Lx 17.2W x 52’’H, and it features five adjustable platforms as well as a full-length bottom section, so there’s tons of room for your chinchilla to explore. 

Heavy-duty ramps are included so your pet can move between each level. Each ramp is contoured almost like a slide, and it has rounded edges to keep your pet safe, and it’s heavily textured, so your pet will be able to use the ramp without losing their footing. 

Three hinged doors are positioned throughout the cage’s front, so it’s easy for you to pick up your pet, remove or reposition their toys and accessories, or clean out their cage. Each door is 10” tall by 11” wide, so you’ll have no trouble reaching in to interact with your pet, although cleaning the cage will be a bit more difficult than if the doors were larger. 

Each door features a heavy-duty latching system that keeps the door tightly secured to the walls of the cage, and they can be locked shut with zip-ties or a light-duty lock if your chinchilla is an escape artist. The bar spacing is just under 1”, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with escaping pets, although you may want to look for a cage with tighter spacing if your pet is still a baby. 

This cage is crafted from powder-coated steel tubing, and it’s finished in a lovely hammertone finish that adds beauty and durability. The habitat sits on four ball casters that offer 360° range of motion, making this one of the easiest cages to maneuver throughout your home. 

As a bonus, the manufacturer throws in a food dish and water bottle. 


  • Compact cage with tons of interior space
  • Slide out tray for easy cleaning 
  • Smooth casters can maneuver anywhere
  • Solid construction


  • Small doors make it difficult to clean the higher parts of the cage
  • Small chinchillas may be able to escape through the cage 

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SongMics 4-Level Small Animal Cage

This multi-level cage from SongMics is a bit more compact, so it’s ideal for chinchilla owners working under space constraints. 

With this cage, SongMics provides four spacious levels for your chinchilla to enjoy. The enclosure measures 32” W x 20.7” D x 40.9” L, making it ideal for pet owners who don’t have the room for a taller cage. 

The included platforms can be positioned anywhere in the cage, so it’s easy to create a customized habitat for your pet. Each platform has a textured ramp that’s easy for your pet to climb to explore their domain. 

This cage features two drop-front doors, making it easy to grab your pet to play with them or clean the habitat. Unlike most enclosures, which only feature doors on the front, this cage also has a large top door that provides even greater access inside the enclosure. 

The SongMics cage also has an innovative pegboard style floor that’s ideal for active chinchillas, as it keeps their little feet from falling through the wire grid, which can be dangerous. Under the pegboard floor is a removable tray that makes cleaning a breeze, and the design of the tray makes it impossible for debris or waste to leak out onto the bottom below. 

The cage is outfitted with wheels, so you can move it wherever you need to, and two of the casters feature locks so you can secure the pen in place once you’ve placed it where you want it. 

One of the most notable features of this cage is its ease of assembly. Many habitats claim they offer tool-free assembly, but that isn’t always entirely true. With this cage from SongMics, it truly is tool-free, and everything snaps together quickly and easily. It should take you less than a half an hour to fully assemble this chinchilla habitat. 


  • Easiest cage to assemble
  • Three large doors for easy access
  • Removable bottom tray for cleaning


  • ⅞” bar spacing is too large for babies and small chinchillas
  • Pets can chew through the plastic base

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Yaheetech Collapsible 3-Tier Cage

For pet owners that need to be able to quickly and easily break down their cage, this 3-tier option from Yaheetech is an excellent option. 

This generously sized cage measures 31.5″ W x 21.7″ D x 48″ L and features three different spacious levels for your pet to enjoy. The cage panels connect with locking clamps that can easily be removed in seconds so the entire cage can fold flat, which makes it ideal for people who need to travel with their pets or need an enclosure for occasional use. 

Three adjustable wire platforms span the entire depth of the cage, so your chinchilla will have plenty of room to explore. The platforms can be positioned on any of the horizontal wires that span the habitat to customize the habitat to your pet’s liking. Each platform includes a ladder so your chinchilla can navigate all four levels of space inside the cage. 

This cage has two large doors at the top and bottom of the front panel to easily interact with your pet or clean their cage, and the bottom tray of the cage slides out to make cleaning a breeze. 

The cage also includes a flannel lined hammock so your chinchilla can lounge and relax, and a bed which can be placed on any of the three platforms. 

The cage assembles with locking clips, and when removed, the cage quickly folds flat for storage or travel. 360° locking ball casters allow you to easily maneuver your chinchillas habitat anywhere you need it to go, and they lock in place for added security. 

If there’s one negative about this cage, it’s that all platforms and ladders are made from the same wire construction as the cage itself, which may be uncomfortable on your chinchilla’s tiny feet. 


  • Collapses for easy storage and travel
  • Includes hammock and bed
  • Removable tray for cleaning


  • All wire construction may hurt chinchillas feet
  • Wide bar spacing may allow chinchillas to escape

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Yaheetech Extra-Large 3-Level Wrought Iron Cage

For pet owners looking to provide their chinchilla with the most space possible, this cage from Yaheetech could be perfect. This towering cage features three extra-large levels, and it’s perfect for housing multiple animals.

This cage measures 31.9″ W x 18.3″ L x 69″ H and features an expansive storage section for holding your pets toys, feed, and other accessories. The storage section is detachable as well, so you can use it as a freestanding unit or as part of the cage. Heavy-duty 360° locking casters allow you to move the habitat anywhere and lock it in place securely. 

This cage features two platform sections with ladders and an expansive bottom area, which provides your pet with three habitat levels to explore and enjoy. 

Two large doors at the top and bottom of the front panel allow you to easily access the cage for cleaning or to play with your pet. Each door features a crescent lock to keep your pet safe and secure inside their habitat. There are several other doors for you to attach food and water accessories. 

The bottom tray of the cage slides out for easy cleaning, and the hammertone finish on the tubular steel cage cleans up quickly and easily, so you should make quick work of cleaning the cage whenever it’s necessary. 


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Tray pulls out for easy cleaning
  • Crescent locks on doors
  • Detachable storage section
  • .4” bar spacing is ideal for chinchillas 


  • All wire construction may hurt chinchilla’s feet

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Prevue Earthtone Rat and Chinchilla Cage 

Stylish pet owners looking to match their chinchilla’s habitat to their decor style are sure to love the Earthtone line from Prevue, which is finished in a beautiful dusty rose color. 

This compact cage measures 31” long by 20 ½” wide and 40” high, which is a bit smaller than many other popular cages on the market. Despite its small size, there are still three large habitat levels for your pet to explore and enjoy. 

The Earthtone chinchilla cage from Prevue is full of features that discerning chinchilla lovers are bound to appreciate. The bar spacing is only ⅜” wide, so you’ll never have to worry about your chinchilla escaping, and with its all-metal construction, your pet won’t be able to chew their way out, either. 

All components of the cage are made of powder-coated steel, so they’ll stand up to years of use, and unlike other metal cages, the platforms and ramps are solid, so your pet won’t hurt their feet or hurt their legs if they slip through the ramp, which is possible with wire platforms and ramps. 

The access door is large, so it’s easy to interact with your pet or clean their cage when necessary. The bottom grille and tray can be easily removed for cleaning, and a wind bell lock keeps them secure, further reinforcing the cage from potential escapes. 

Below the cage, you’ll find an integrated storage shelf that’s perfect for keeping food, treats, and toys conveniently in reach. Smooth casters make it easy for you to maneuver the cage anywhere you need to, and they lock in place to keep the cage secure. 


  • All components made from powder-coated steel
  • Tight bar spacing is ideal for chinchillas
  • Integrated storage area
  • Attractive dusty rose finish


  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • Wire bottom may hurt chinchilla’s feet

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Final Verdict 

Each of the seven cages we’ve covered represents a wise choice for your chinchilla’s habitat, and while each one has its strong suits and flaws, one cage in particular rises above to earn the title of the best chinchilla cage. 

Our choice for the best chinchilla cage is the Deluxe Critter Nation enclosure from Midwest. This habitat is loaded with features that discerning pet owners and chinchillas alike are sure to appreciate. 

The cage offers four levels, including two levels which run the entire length and width of the cage. Each level offers a solid platform that’s leak proof and features rugged construction that will stand up to years of use. 

Thanks to the solid platforms and ramps, your chinchilla will be able to run and jump freely without the risk of injury to their feet, which is common with wire bottom enclosures. The full-length doors also make this Midwest habitat easier to clean than any other on the market. 

Each ramp includes a plush cover that makes it even more comfortable for your pet to walk on, and chinchilla owners are sure to appreciate the easy tool free assembly. Plus, Midwest stands behind this item with a one-year warranty, so you’ll be covered if something is wrong with your enclosure. 

While each of the other cages is a fine choice, this enclosure, in particular, has the features and build quality necessary to be considered the best chinchilla cage available.


Where Should I Put a Chinchilla Cage? 

The location of your chinchilla’s cage is essential as it can have a serious effect on their wellbeing and health. In the wild, they are nocturnal animals, and they thrive in dark environments, so you can place them in any room of your home that’s dark at night. 

At the same time, you should avoid placing their habitat in a place that receives direct sunlight during the day. Not only can it upset their sleep cycle, but it can also cause them to overheat. Chinchillas prefer a cool environment, so try and keep their habitat in a room that’s about 60-75°F. 

How Tall Should my Chinchilla Cage be? 

Chinchillas are natural jumpers, and jumping is one of your chinchilla’s best ways to exercise. A cage with multiple levels is a practical requirement for chinchillas, but tall enclosures are always a solid choice as they provide your pet with the vertical space they need to hop around. A cage that’s about 36” tall or higher is perfect for the high flying chinchilla.

How Should You Clean a Chinchilla Cage? 

Chinchillas may be adorable, but they’re also messy. They are wild animals, after all. Between their bedding, using the bathroom, eating, and other activities, your pet will generate quite a mess, so their cage must be regularly cleaned. Regular cleaning will keep your pet happy and healthy, and prevent nasty odors from taking hold in their habitat. 

Look for cages that feature a removable bottom tray that pulls out for easy cleaning. The tray should be heavy-duty plastic, as lighter trays are prone to warping over time. 

Beyond cleaning the tray, you’ll want to wash the cage inside and out regularly to remove any build-up on the cage’s wire. If your chinchilla urinates on the cage wire, it will eventually rust. Frequent washing will help preserve the enclosure and also eliminate odor. 

Cages that feature large doors make cleaning much easier, as you’ll be able to reach inside the enclosure and move around freely. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want a cage that provides one door for every two levels of the habitat, so you have access to every area of your pet’s habitat. 

If you have a second cage or travel carrier for your pet, remove them from the main enclosure so you can clean it without disturbing them. Start by removing the tray from the bottom of the cage, along with any bedding material, toys, and accessories from inside. 

Once the cage is empty, clean it using a 3:1 solution of water to white vinegar. Wipe down all of the cage bars, and pay special attention to any areas of the cage where liquid would be able to seep into. Wait a few minutes for the pen to dry before adding your furry friend and all his belongings back to their habitat. 

What Accessories Do I Need in the Chinchilla Cage? 

Chinchillas don’t require much to be happy, but there are a few necessary items you’ll want to have. Many cages include these items in one convenient package. Here’s what your chinchilla is going to need: 

  • Food dish
  • Water bottle
  • Dust bath
  • Bedding material (typically wood chips, like aspen)
  • Hammock or bed
  • Hideaway nook
  • Exercise wheel
  • Chewing toys

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