Welcome To Koalapets!

Me in front of a rabbit hutch

Who I Am

Hi there, my name is Christian. I’m a 33 years old german guy who loves animals and nature since his early childhood. When we got our first dog, I was 4 or 5 years old and still in kindergarten. The golden retriever was called Bosse and a good fellow for my whole childhood. I took him literally everywhere and it was fun for him also when we were in the woods together with my friends building treehouses. But mostly he enjoyed bathing behind a dam we build in a small river down the fields of my hometown.

Of course, there were other pets and animals in my life too. When I grew older and was able to take some more responsibility I got my first aquarium. It was a 16-gallon tank and I really loved to scape it and make the plants grow. Many days went by, watching the fish. Especially I liked ancistrus from the beginning and soon developed my love for cichlids. 

Now it was time for a larger tank. I planted it in the style of Takeshi Amano and made it a home for a group of 5 discus. Suddenly my fishkeeping was on the next level: I had to take care of carbon dioxide and needed to serve soft water for the fish. The discus were grateful and honored my efforts with some babies.

Of course, there were a lot more pets and animals in my life. For example, we had a gray parrot and a little budgie later on. My love wasn’t only for the pets living in our house but also for the wild animals in our garden and the surrounding nature. So my father and I installed some nesting boxes in our biggest trees. 

My personal highlight was definitely crafting one for bats with my dad. We soon got visited by different birds. Beside small ones living in their houses we provided for them, there were also ducks living on our natural pond.

But the most fascinating visitors were definitely some owls growing their brood in our garden. The local newspaper even wrote an article about my mother who is a professional photographer and took pictures of the owls.

Three owls on a chair in our garden

Another guest who made us very proud is a kingfisher that came every spring for several years. This rare bird stayed just a couple of days but one time when we were watching him he couldn’t escape a picture.

Why I Do This

As you read above my love for pets, animals, and nature is not a passing fad but accompanies me since the earliest memories of my childhood. I like to take care, watch, and also learn a lot about them (even from books). When it comes to this website I combine my two passions: During my studies of economics, I worked in different e-commerce companies and got into online marketing and web design. So I really love to create things on the world wide web too.

My Mission Is To Serve You With The Best Information You Can Find To Take Best Care Of Your Pets.

Why Koalapets?

Perhaps you wonder why there is “Koala” in the website’s name when it’s about pets in general. It’s not only because koalas are sweet and fluffy. As marsupials koala mothers take care of their babies in a very loving way. That said they never seem to be stressed and are just “chilled” and mindful. As humans, we should develop these qualities when acting with our pets and animals in general. Koalapets can help you achieve this goal by serving information about pet care and good quality products.

Koalapets is for you if:

  • You love your pet and want to care in the best and most responsible way you can.
  • You want to focus on moments you are sharing with your pets over the characteristics of equipment and supply.
  • You want equipment advice based on customer experience and not commercial sales pages.
  • You are environmentally conscious and want to be a good neighbor to the animals in your surrounding.

How I Write My Content

Me reviewing a cage

First I have to say: I don’t use cheap content writers, all posts on this page are written by myself. Every post is based on my experience backed up by research of actual and trustworthy resources. I don’t know everything but I like to learn and dive deep into new topics. This is to ensure that all the information I share is accurate and you can trust it to make care and purchase decisions. But of course, I’m not a veterinarian.

When it comes to product reviews and recommendations my goal is to provide you with the best information on these products. Even if I earn money with affiliate links, product quality comes first and commissions second.

If I’m not using the products myself I try at least to get my hands on them. That can be through buying and testing or visiting local stores and talking to people. In some cases, it might not be possible for me to actually come to the products. Then I research different platforms and opinions on the internet to carefully curate those products.

I don’t need to say that it is not possible to buy my opinion. You won’t find any sponsorship or paid posts on Koalapets.